‘All Art Derives From Play’ - philosophy behind the game

‘All Art derives from Play’. This quote of the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga got me thinking in how we look at art nowadays. Looking at art from this perspective, you could say that all these museums and art galleries have a great deal of playfulness hanging on their walls and standing on pedestals. So how does a museum or gallery relates itself to this playfulness? And how can we as a visitor relate ourselves to this playfulness? Do we have to become suddenly very serious and do we have to try to understand the meaning of the artist and the artwork? Or is a different approach to look at art more interesting to wield? Perhaps to look at art as an ongoing process in which play is the basis, and in which we have to create meaning by ourselves to art.
The Museumgame ‘Tell your ARTtale’
The game ‘Tell your ARTtale’ offers help in playing and to become playfull in creating meaning to art. In this game art emphatically does not become a toy. The game helps with looking at art and stimulates the visitor to create his/her own meaning to art.

The game reduces distance between artworks and visitors, and it generates interest and curiosity for visual art. The game is playable in every art museum or at every art exhibition. It can be played with the many (groups of 30 persons) or small and more informal groups.